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Orientation and Mobility Evaluations and Instruction. 
Trading as: International Orientation and Mobility, LLC.
This is a private practice servicing local and international O & M contracts all over the world.  We fly anywhere in the world. We can quickly complete evaluations, assessments, supply the information and make the recommendations you need for your programming objectives or placement, and more importantly we can provide the  instruction your client needs for safe Orientation and Mobility!

We are Orientation and Mobility Specialists, Certified ACVREP, COMS, Evaluation and Instruction SERVICES.  Serving anywhere in the world.   email: EMAIL.COM.  Available Immediately!

Low Vision and Visual Rehabilitation Service

Low vision, a collective term for vision loss that cannot be reversed by glasses, medication, or surgery, is one of the major areas of research and treatment at the Wilmer Eye Institute. The work has led to novel solutions for some patients. Those with vision impairment suffering from macular degeneration (a disease that damages the center of the retina, called the macula) and other vision problems receive detailed visual-function testing, evaluation and rehabilitation.

At the Low Vision Rehabilitative Service, a multidisciplinary team of doctors and rehabilitative specialists works closely with the patient, family, friends and the referring doctor to assist an individual in regaining function lost by visual impairment. This typically includes addressing vision issues causing problems with reading, driving and activities of daily living. Home visits and other services provided by our occupational therapy staff outside of the Low Vision office are limited to a maximum of 60 miles round trip and within the State of Maryland.

A typical low vision evaluation involves a functional assessment including a low vision refraction and prescription of magnifiers, telescopes and assistive technology as appropriate. In addition, visual skills training such as eccentric viewing and blindness skills are provided as are referrals to comprehensive blind rehabilitation centers. The low vision service does not have minimum vision requirements, but works with all patients who have functional impairment due to an eye disease or condition.

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Conditions Typically Seen By the Low Vision Service

Information About the Lions Low Vision Fellowship

Information About the Implantable Miniature Telescope

Samantha Bale

Community Outreach Coordinator






Conditions Typically Seen by the Low Vision Service

I am a Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist (ACVREP) graduating with my master's degree from Boston College and an undergraduate degree in Special Education, certified K – 12 Teacher of the handicapped. I have trained children and adults with visual impairments in every settings. I have also trained individuals with multiple disabilities giving me direct experience in evaluating people and their ability to use a public bus. I also have many personal experiences with people who are visually challenged giving me the experience needed to work with people with disabilities. I have conducted over 2,000 in-person assessments.


Orientation and Mobility for Working-Age Adults (O & M)

Orientation and mobility (O&M) is an exciting discipline in low vision and blind rehabilitation that teaches people to travel safely, efficiently and independently in their environment. Orientation is the process of mentally organizing the environment and determining one’s location within that environment. Mobility is the act of moving through the environment in a safe and graceful manner. An orientation and mobility specialist teaches people who are blind or visually impaired to travel by:

assessing an individual’s current travel-related skills, discussing goals, and helping her/him select a program of instruction that will allow for achieving the greatest travel potential
teaching people to travel by using their hearing, remaining vision, and other senses
teaching people to use a long cane for travel and to establish and maintain orientation while traveling.

O&M specialists work with people across the lifespan: from infants to senior citizens. The majority of clients on an O&M instructor’s caseload tend to have some remaining vision. It is also common to have clients with additional disabilities such as traumatic brain injury, hearing impairments, physical impairments, or cognitive impairments.

There has been a national shortage of orientation and mobility specialists for several years. Individuals willing to relocate generally have little difficulty in finding employment. O&M specialists may work in schools, at agencies for the blind or visually impaired, at Veteran Administration (VA) Medical Centers, and at universities and colleges. Many O&M specialists, after gaining experience in the field, contract to schools and agencies as part of their own private practice.

Orientation and mobility is a profession of highly trained, caring individuals who are committed to providing the best service to each client and who are committed to a professional code of ethics. Many professionals in the field are members of the Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired (AER) and are certified by the Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals (ACVREP) which are professional organizations that govern the field.


New Requirements for Low Vision Rehabilitation Demonstration Billing

We will travel to North Central and South Jersey, New York City, Westchester, Hudson Valley and Upstate New York as well as Eastern, Central, and Western Pennsylvania.  We will travel internationally as well.

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Teaching Orientation and Mobility (O&M)

New Requirements for Low Vision Rehabilitation Demonstration Billing

This site is under construction.  Our objective is to supply every O & M related document, and or information available to the consumer here.  Anyone may contribute to this objective.  Send your article or information as an attachment to EMAIL

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New Requirements for Low Vision Rehabilitation Demonstration Billing


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